Heatland Filipstad Masters layout

Last Updated on juli 10, 2021 by Michael

The ordinary holes can be seen with fly-over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx-2dnm5flY

Hole 1
Par 3 106m, +5m elevation. OB-line is marked by asphalt or painted white line. Missing in-bound results in a penalty throw and the player can either proceed to the marked DZ or where the disc was last in-bounds.

Hole 2

Par 4, 204m, +2m elevation. OB-lines are marked by asphalt, white lines around the gym and a painted line perpendicular with the gym to the asphalt. OB long of the basket roughly 10m. Mandatory right of the marked tree with DZ on the short tee.

Hole 3
Regular hole 2 will be played as Hole 3.

Hole 4
Regular hole 3 will be played as hole 4.

Hole 5
Regular hole 4 Blue tee will be played to a new temporary basket location. Par 3 107m.

Hole 6
Regular hole 5 blue tee will be played.

Hole 7

Hole 8
Mando on marked tree, re-tee with penalty if missed.

Hole 9

Hole 10

New temporary basket location. Par 4, 159m.

Hole 11

Par 3, 115m. OB is defined by asphalt and painted lines.

Hole 12

Hole 13
Blue tee will be played.

Hole 14
OB is marked by white sticks on right side and long.

Hole 15
Par 4, 170m. OB long is marked by painted line.

Hole 16
If your disc is OB you can either play where the disc was last in-bounds or from DZ with a penalty stroke.

Hole 17
OB is marked by painted white line on the right side. Asphalt long of the basket marks OB-line long.

Hole 18
OB left side marked by sticks, OB right side is marked by painted line. All asphalt is OB. OB left of the ditch is marked by painted line. OB around the wind shelter is marked by painted line.

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