Heatland Discgolf AB was started in 2021 by Michael Bui to take his organization and involvement in disc golf to a new level.
The vision has always been to grow the sport as a whole in all aspects.

  • We want to be able to offer new and old players the opportunity for regional sanctioned competitions.
    • With a focus on the areas/places in Sweden that currently lack a range of sanctioned competitions.
  • We want to be able to offer all players a good competition experience.
  • We want to be able to offer old players challenging competitions with the best possible prize tables.
  • We want to offer the elite challenging competitions with good prize money.
  • We want to grow the sport both locally and nationally by getting more players into the associations.
  • We want to grow the sport by introducing it to as many people as possible, e.g. through corporate events.
  • We want to grow the sport by making it more accessible by e.g. build more disc golf courses.

Our future goals

  1. Supply the competition demand around Sweden in this exploding growing sport. We will put a lot of focus in areas where today there is not much competitive activity to grow the sport in these regions primarily.
  2. Build municipal/private tracks around Sweden to increase the accessibility of the sport.
  3. Run a pro tour dedicated to the elite. https://swedishprotour.se/
  4. Supply the Swedish and European market with the highest quality of disc golf products from all over the world through out shop www.heatlanddiscgolf.com

About us

Michael Bui Photo: Hashi Ahmed/Sveriges Radio

Heatland Discgolf is run by disc golf entrepreneur Michael Bui. He is very active in disc golf regionally, where he sits as chairman of Filipstad’s Disc Golf Club and board member of Karlstad’s Frisbee Sport Club, where he focuses a lot on the development of the sport.

In addition to the regional competitions he organizes weekly, he also organizes an annual international competition Heatland Open , which has become Sweden’s biggest competition.

He has previously been working for PDGA Europe as their Partnerships manager working together with the Euro Tour Manager to get funds to the various different project PDGA Europe has going on, such as the PDGA Euro Tour, the Discovery+ project “The Magic of Disc Golf” and much more.

Michael is an active course designer where he thinks that the biggest focus in a good course design (after safety of course) should be on designing a fun and varied course that suits everyone. Michael has, among other things, designed and built the 18-hole course in SJ-Gropen in Degerfors, 18-hole course in Sannarpsparken in Halmstad and also active in the course design at Kalhyttan’s Discgolf course in Filipstad, where the major international competition Heatland Open is played.

Michael is himself a very active practitioner of the sport and in 2020 and 2021 he had played the most sanctioned rounds in all of Sweden.

Michael is seen and heard a lot in the media related to disc golf, here is a selection: